Women's Fitness - Tips On What To Include In Exercise Programs For Women

Women have different fitness needs than men. While they both need to have strength training, many men prefer muscle building exercises such as weight lifting.
Women's fitness programs do have weight lifting, but not to the extent of men. Women need to have exercises that utilize the muscles of the upper back, rather than the chest. This is so that the shoulder blades will be able to pull together better to support their chest. This is critical to counterbalancing the bodies of women.
The stomach muscles of women, particularly of those that have just given birth, are some of the weakest muscles in a woman's body. Exercises need to focus on strengthening these muscles, because the back tends to take most of the strain of the weaker muscles.
Even during pregnancy, it is important for women to exercise with light aerobics or aerobic machines to help them have a trouble free pregnancy and delivery. New mothers need exercise to increase their cardio circulation so that they can have the energy needed to care for the new baby.
Women who do not exercise on a regular basis tend to lose at least 5 pounds of muscle every ten years. This results in a lower metabolism, which further hinders weight loss. Most of the exercises in fitness programs are designed for both men and women, who exercise at a rate that is right for their individual needs.
So, there you have it. The differences in the fitness needs for men and women.
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