Back Pain Relief Tips For Pregnant Women

Back Pain Relief Tips For Pregnant Women
Back pain is one of the banes that generally go with pregnancy. It is a common complaint. More than 50 % of the pregnant woman population suffers from it.
Back pain during the pregnancy is mainly due to change in the contours of the body of the woman, as baby grows within and puts on additional weight, month after month to the mother. This extra weight causes a change in the center of gravity of the woman's body. Major hormonal changes are also noticed in the early stages of the pregnancy, which is an additional cause of the back pain.
The center of gravity of women's body shifts forward with the growth of the uterus. Her postures and movement style change and this put additional strain on her back, resulting in backache.
In certain cases, urinary infections which are also common during the pregnancy can be the cause of back pain. If the woman has acute back pain during the early stages of pregnancy, the same requires immediate attention of the doctor. Back pain during the pregnancy can be due to a multiplicity of factors which demands immediate attention.
Medication for the sake of medication should be avoided during pregnancy. You are responsible for two lives, so any medication will only be by the advice of the doctor. Exercising is the sure remedy for a pregnant woman. Simple walking is the best exercise. But do not do aggressive walking.
Avoid slouching. Maintain an appropriate posture by using a lumber cushion or pillow. Cultivate by experience good body mechanics. Muscular exercises are a deterrent to back pain.
A pregnant woman is not expected to stand for long periods, say while traveling and for any other reasons. Do not change your sitting position too often. In the early stages of pregnancy proper rest and adequate sleep is necessary.
Avoid high-heeled shoes at all costs. The practice is dangerous as it will put lots of strain on the back. Use a low flat stool for sitting. Avoid kitchen work for longer durations.
Your clothing should also be imaginative. Avoid tight clothing. Even if you are tired, avoid slumping forward. Slumping pushes the rib cage forward and down to the stomach. You can well imagine the resultant problems. While standing, be comfortable and keep your knees soft.
Many of your experienced friends and relatives can give you the correct tips for your backache problem. Such tips at times are more useful than the medical advice you get from your family doctor. & Back Pain Relief provides detailed information on back pain, back pain treatment, back pain cure, back pain relief and more.
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