WeightTraining Exercises For Women

Weight training exercises for women are finally becoming widely recognized and applauded for their overall health benefits. It is difficult to pickup a woman’s magazine today that does not talk about the importance of weight training exercises for women.
With all this press you would think that women would be jumping on board to develop a weight training routine. Many women are still hesitant to embrace weight training however. They feel that it is still a “guy” thing or that weight training will make them bulky and less feminine. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Women are not biologically designed to get big and bulky like our male counterparts. It would take an extraordinary amount of weight training and most likely some type of enhancement pharmaceutical to achieve the same sort of bulk that men have after weight training.
The benefits of weight training especially in post-menopausal women are important to note and if would be to our benefit to adopt weight training as part of our exercise routine. Weight training exercises help older women to keep their muscle mass and control their weight. This often becomes a challenge as women age.
As we get older and life gets increasingly busier we can begin struggling with trying to fit in weight training exercises with all the other demands we face. Some of this is because certain weight training routines are quite time consuming.
In researching weight training exercises for women I found a routine that has allows you to keep up with weight training without the long time investment per weight training session.
It is called SuperSlow and this method of weight training is high intensity and low-force. The method is a bit unique with each repetition being a 20 second cycle from the beginning of one repetition to the beginning of the next. 10 seconds are used lifting the weight and 10 seconds are used lowering the weight with a smooth turnaround technique between the lifting and the lowering. The weight is loaded onto the muscle during the entire repetition and the movement is slow and precise
You spend approximately 2-3 minutes on each machine before moving to the next machine. The entire body is worked out in each session and you perform a session one to two times per week. The whole cycle takes between 20 and 25 minutes.
The training is performed one on one with a certified instructor. You remain quite focused and with the individual attention the routine can be tailored to the unique needs of the client. There is no music, TV, or other distractions. You can completely concentrate in the task at hand.
There are no more than two or three people working out at a time. If you are someone that does not enjoy the crowded conditions found at many gyms this is perfect. Also if you are a little shy about working out in public this is a very safe environment.
The sessions are 20-25 minutes long which allows you to get in, work out, and get on with your day. This can be valuable as schedules gets busier. You can usually squeeze that amount of time in once or twice a week.
This weight training method addresses gaining strength, retaining flexibility through a full range of motion during the repetitions, and increasing cardiovascular ability with the breathing used while training. It allows you to receive an overall workout and therefore any other exercise you can manage during the week is more for recreation than training.
Allowing the body to recover between workouts is imperative to derive the greatest benefits from this type of overall weight training.
If you would like more information on this type of weight training exercise for women you can research the method on the web.
If increasing you overall strength and weight loss are important to you, weight training exercises can be of great use. There are many out there to choose from. The important thing is to get started
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